• Nur Kholilah Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang


This study aims to know the types of word preferences in Mamouzin's novel by Said Ramadan Al-Bouti. The research method used in this study is descriptive and qualitative. The primary data source in this study is Mamo Zain's novel by Saeed Ramadan Al-Bati from page one to page thirty-six, and secondary data sources in this study are journals and research articles on the study of stylistics and electronic and non-electronic dictionaries. The researcher used the reading and writing method to collect data. As for the data analysis, the researcher used. The data analysis techniques used in this study are data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. The results of the research in this research are: The researcher found the types of word choice in the novel of Mamouzin by Saeed Ramadan Al-Bouti, so the researcher found 27 data, including words close in meaning or synonymy, common pronunciation, and words opposite in meaning or opposites and Arabised. The words that are close in meaning or synonymy have 12 statements, including appeared-appears, cities-countries, hearts-hearts, spread-broadcasts, rises-wakes, eyes-sees, I will remove-then they go, they bid farewell-we leave, we return-returned, female-woman, increase -add, light-dia. And in the common pronunciation 4 statements, including fire, stumble, sheikh and palace. And in the words opposite in meaning or opposites, 10 statements, including ending-elementary, major-minor, sit-stand, inside-exit, in front-behind, man-female, rich-poor, young-old, disappear-appeared, cultured-ignorant. And in the Arabised, one statement any Nowruz.

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