An interdisciplinary study of social sciences and humanities in the 21st century has been scientifically developed in survival and excellent human resources in the form of academic presentations and discussions, which pertain to the contribution of highly qualified disciplines in higher education, such as, noble characters, life optimism, work accountability, and sustainable programs on flourishing humanity for the future of psychology and its interdisciplinary studies. In relation to the interdisciplinary work of social sciences and humanities, specific competencies and experiences are expected to enable both psychology and human flourishing programs.

The ability on how to obtain competencies and experiences does not only require aspects on teaching students and research implementation, but also on the research publication which is disseminated through journals, proceedings, or academic conferences. Such required competences and experiences, all participants in the conference and speakers are well served academically in the growth of insightful ideas. 

In line with the train of academic thoughts through the event, each competence and experience is either agreed or disagreed by writers, researchers, practitioners of psychology, even teachers and lecturers. The event which is also supported by Psychology, UIN MALIKI Malang is distinctively implemented in the application of social sciences and humanities students who enable academics and practitioners discussions to present “1st Annual Conference on Psychology and Flourishing Humanity 2022 ” under the theme: Approaching (or living) a beautiful and holistic life in humankind atmosphere.

The conference is themed primarily from a variety of interdisciplinary works of social sciences and humanities, which bridge discussions by presenters and their papers in the field of psychology. These include Indigenous and Basic Psychology, Cyber Psychology on metaverse, Applied Psychology in multi areas, Transpersonal-Environmental Psychology, Measurement on psychology, Edu-hack: Flourishing Human, Life-hack: Prosperity.